These are some of our press releases:

24/10/2012: University of Seville (Spain): Published the first number of Global Education Magazine

17/10/2012: UFBA (Brasil): UFBA PhD Candidate launch online magazine about education

11/05/2012: University of Seville (Spain): Education for Life project is presented in the international events of Rio+20 (United Nations)

01/04/2012: International Centre for Responsibility & Sustainability (Colombia) About the International Day of Education

18/02/2012: Truth Journal of Albacete (Spain);  Two young from Almansa joint the project “Education for Life”

14/02/2012: The town of Albacete (Spain),  Photo Exhibition ‘Education for Life’, an example of commitment and cooperation 

10/02/2012: Truth Journal of Albacete, (Spain) Javier Collado promotes in Almansa a sample of his volunteer work.

22/12/2011: The World, (Spain) Education is an act of love and courage

09/12/2011: University of Seville (Spain)  About educational experience in Lancones 

06/12/2011: Truth Journal of Albacete, (Spain) Spanish solidarity  in Peru

05/12/2011: Digital Journal DeAlmnsa (España) We talk with Javier Collado, International Volunteer

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