The team of “Educar Para Vivir”, with Javier Collado as coordinator, proposes in this video the idea that Global Citizenship Education supports cross-cultural and innovative methodologies to achieve meaningful learning, and a phenomenological awareness of citizenship to achieve progress in humanity ́s evolution. We assent to the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations for 2015 and 2025.

Through Educar Para Vivir we approach the teaching-learning process from the adjacent dialectic of multidisciplinary issues that Global Citizenship Education enable us to build. We appreciate diffusion of knowledge in an effort to avoid cognitive conflicts between different educational actors. Consequently, through Educar Para Vivir we can find and experience meaningful and pragmatic learning about various problems of the globalized world of the twenty-first century. Meaningful learning is motivated by existentialism and by the theoretical-epistemological fundamentals of socio-constructivism that a truly Global Citizenship Education enables. Approaching teaching and learning this way, we are making an effort to get a free, fair and equal society.

Special thanks to United Nations, Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), Movimento sem Teto da Bahia and to all the people who send us their videos.

Global Citizenship Education: Toward a Progress Without Frontiers
  • balayogi

    All dimensions of purposeful, meaningful and contextually relevant education must be first studied scientifically with all relevant data , resources.

    Then they can be offered or made available according to the regional dynamics to have an initial acceptance followed by creating conducive atmosphere to enable a
    progressive and broader perspective oriented global citizens with global
    concerns and capabilities and character to enhance global welfare on all
    aspects of life of human beings, other species and the whole environment.

    All of these can be easily said as a sermon or populist slogan and sound very
    idealistic or even may seem like a utopia.

    But there are many scholarly suggestions , some sources with appropriate understanding of actual requirements which along with help of technology and all other required resources can kick start the various processes to enable such environments for global education.

    I would like to re-emphasize that the purpose of education need not be the same or even similar in all regions. Therefore, it is imperative that regional dynamics
    which will allow certain types of educational activities and demands that can
    motivate people opt for education must be the primary processes involved.

    Here I am attaching 3 slides and two links

    One a speech by a scholar on

    1] ‘Value Based Education as an Enabler for Positive Change’

    2] The type of education that will have instant requirement and response on a larger
    scale in India at present

    3]General observation on various aspects of Education

    Here you also find the two links

    1] Importance of conducive atmosphere of peace,unity and harmony to enable

    2] The goal of creating a global citizen how and what are all required to create one
    and what are all the major hindrances to that