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On the horizon of our work philosophy we aim to denote the transformer scope of Education for Sustainable Development, which we try to develop in different social contexts in which we work in. Education is not only a basic human right , but it is also an essential component of economic and social development. In fact, when actions and investments are properly planned in education, you get a good dividend, and especially in the least developed countries, where the poverty will be reduced.

The goal fo “Education for Life” is to promote the formation of different educational agents in innovative methodological techniques, with an international and holistic perspective, in order to get the awareness for current problems of the world-society. To do this, we start from the Global Citizenship Education approach, where the creation of alternative curricular materials and activities support our appropriate methodological tool to capture human dialogical constructivist cohesion between different local educational agents: the students, the families, teachers, institutions and the media.

For that reason, our work part from a new ethical approach based on the Freirean values of ​​consciousness and it promotes a democratic and accountable education in schools, where teachers attitude plays a very important role as actors democratization of responsibility and sustainability, they are agents of awareness and training of the educational community, and especially for children and young people.

Consequently, we believe that Global Citizenship Education has the ability to act as seeds of social change (locally and globally), to create a cognitive conflict between the various educational actors and build a significant learning as an entrepreneurial fruits sustained in practice, as for example in the performance and participation of citizens in solving social problems.

Therefore, we believe that the school should be seen as the place of learning, rather than the place where they teach, achieving an active and participatory education, disseminating trans-disciplinary knowledge and including all educational agents, representing one necessary task to promote a dynamic and critical thinking, generating new ideas that bring economic and social development, aimed to create a better world in the future.

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